Executive Search

Executive search is a specialized practice and has a very specific place and purpose. Our results-oriented methodology employs specialised tools, resources and skills, such as business intelligence, market mapping, research skills, diplomacy, social skills and sensitivity on the one hand, and on the other hand, tenacity, negotiating skills and objective business judgment- all of which is aimed at identifying the right fit for the strategic direction of your business.


Alongside our use of best-in-practice knowledge management tools, coupled with our executive search process blueprint which comprises over 100 distinct steps, it is ultimately our team that drives our behaviour to produce excellence.

Permanent Placements

Our Successful placements have the following hallmarks:


  • Personal Approach: We obtain an understanding of your business environment and Culture
  • Multi Sourcing Channels: We focus our talent sourcing in exactly the right areas to ensure success.
  • Quality: We never compromise when it comes to matching and integrity checking

Contract Staffing 

Determine and execute an optimum strategy for your recruitment with a flexible productive workforce which fits your cost expectations. Our contractor placement service allows your company to maintain workforce levels and retain available talent while reducing candidate sourcing related costs.


Ad Response Management 

With the media sector growing fast and in a job market with very high levels of talent recruiting demand and supply, there are more advertisements for jobs than ever before. However managing the responses to these ads, given the huge number of applications for every open position, is a constant challenge to all companies, be it a small organisation or a large blue chip concern. Further, ad response management can be bursty depending on the hiring cycles of the company and is not cost-effectively managed by having a dedicated internal team. In addition, it might not be efficient for companies to invest in internal processes or technologies to deal with the responses coming through their advertisement.

We are a single-window service provider for your ‘advertised search’ initiatives. We will handle your recruitment ad creation, media planning and placement, response screening, interview logistics and onsite coordination.

Outplacement Solutions (Small and Large Scale)

Our Outplacement services are aims at assists with redeployment and outplacement of individuals affected by retrenchment, restructuring, redundancy or significant corporate change.
From an employer perspective, Outplacement helps to protect the image of the company while keeping employers safe. Letting employees go in the wrong manner can have a very negative ripple effect.
Offering outplacement services is in the best interest for everyone involved in a layoff or reduction in force. Former employees will leave feeling valued and protected. The survivors will have the piece of mind that they work for a company who cares about them. And employers can sleep well at night knowing that they are offering relevant and helpful services. While protecting the brand is vital, the core of these services is meant to reflect and embrace the value of employees.

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As a result of our generalist recruitment focus , we are able to recruit for all functional areas in your business creating a single point contact for all talent and recruitment solutions. Congruent with our Ethos which is to "Connect the best people, with the best companies in every market", our experience extends over multi cultural environments and industries.